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Vela One high speed photo flash
Vela One high speed photo flash
Vela One high speed photo flash

Vela One high speed photo flash

£1,249.00 excl. VAT
£1,498.80 inc. VAT

The Vela One is the fastest flash you can buy. Take pin-sharp photos of supersonic bullets and explosions using a normal SLR.   

The pulse width is adjustable between 500ns (1/2,000,000 sec) and 5µs (1/200,000 sec), which is fast enough to freeze a high velocity rifle bullet in flight. It can flash continuously at up to 50fps, and burst at up to 100kHz. This extremely short pulse means it needs a to be orders of magnitude brighter than other LED flashes to achieve a reasonable exposure in that time. The Vela One boasts nine ultra-bright 5000lm chip-on-board LEDs, which are boosted over 2000%, giving peak flux of up to 1 million lumens.

Even at this brightness, the short pulse means it needs to be close to its subject, so it must stand up to some punishment. The 25cm (9") square, powder-coated chassis is machined from aluminium, while the LEDs are protected by a 3mm polycarbonate plate (which is removable and washable). There is a tripod mount on all four sides, giving unbeatable flexibility in mounting. It runs all day on a set of four AA batteries, or you can use the optional AC power supply.

Connect more than one Vela One flash with an interconnect cable and they are triggered simultaneously.

For full details, FAQs and specs, see the Vela One product page. For other ways to pay see How to Buy.

User manual: PDF download

Model: Vela One Rev. C - VELAONE-C

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