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Vela Pop flash sound trigger
Vela Pop flash sound trigger

Vela Pop flash sound trigger

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£45.60 inc. VAT

The Vela Pop is smaller than a bar of chocolate, but faster than a speeding bullet. Perfect for capturing shots of bullets, explosions, burst balloons, broken eggs and more. It has a battery that lasts for weeks, so is also great for long-term setups such as wildlife, security and even rocket launches! A perfect partner to the Vela One high-speed flash, it also works with a regular speedlight using the optional hotshoe adapter or PC sync cable.

  • Trigger speed: ~7µs (measured from point sound passes threshold)
  • Battery life: ~15 days
  • Dimensions: 79 x 38 x 16 mm
  • Weight: 36g
  • Trigger output: 2.5mm audio socket

 A snug silicone bumper keeps The Vela Pop safe from knocks and scrapes, and the CR2032 coin cell lasts for weeks. Simple knobs finely adjust threshold and delay: no more complicated controls here.

The Vela Pop is fast enough to capture almost anything: a bullet won’t have even left the barrel of a gun by the time it triggers! You can finely adjust the delay between zero and 1000 microseconds, to perfectly time your shot.

In comparison, most wired sound triggers have a latency that is around 10 to 100 times slower. Smartphone-based sound triggers are at best 1000 times slower, meaning water balloons are the fastest thing you’re likely to be able to shoot, but many have delays of over 100ms: more than ten thousand times slower! The sound threshold is adjustable from the lowest level which will trigger on the sound of a splash, to a level more suitable for a gunshot or rocket launch.

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